The Villages is a one of a kind place. Not only are there an abundance of clubs complete with  activities, there are pools and more pools. As a visitor you can visit any pool or try any location.  After finishing the day and golf carting down to the pool, we found that there were other fun friendly people who had decided to visit at that exact same time. Its a lovely way to meet people and neighbors.

The Villages Florida

The Villages Florida


Sumter Landing Boat Ride


Living in The Villages Florida – Summer Visits?
The answer is yes. If only for a lift in your sense of wellbeing and peace of mind, definitely visit The Villages in the summer. Bright, bright happy days that start super early, every, every morning. It is all about joy and fun. When the normal day is over in other parts of the country, the Florida daylight is still bright and tickling the toes of the lady bugs. At 4p.m., I am looking out the window at crisp green grass, red, red roses in bloom, happy birds doing their thing. Oh, yes , and did I tell you about the bunny that visits every morning. I moved back to Florida because everything is fresh, clean, new, and hope is an easy state of mind. Inspiration is right around the corner and dreams are all possible.


Bonita Pool – one of at least 50

How does one get started? The easiest way is to visit the website,, rental rates are very low in the summer and fall for this cute cozy eco-friendly villa. If it is already rented, there are other choices by just typing in The Villages, FL, on Google. Finding a place to stay is the first step.
Once you arrive, your dollar stretches very far in The Villages, but it goes even farther in the summer and fall. So be ready to experience a lot of new and fun things. With that said, there is always someone or a couple that say join us at one of the many country clubs for dinner. Dining out prices are super affordable so you could actually go out to eat and forget about the kitchen every day during your stay. If you want to eat in for a change of pace aside from the many grocery stores there are regular Farmer’s Markets for fresh produce.
Friends are in abundance. If you don’t know anyone, no problem. Just go to any of the many pools in The Villages and you will meet many people. By the end of the week you will have too many buddies that truly enjoy doing things together. There has to be a reason that The Villages is the fastest growing city in America., 828-230-6613

For the Musical Visitor to the Villages
People come to The Villages hoping to find that special something that will help make their stay all the more memorable and that, I want to come back to this place feeling.
Well, for those who enjoy acoustic music performed with passion and fun, you should schedule some time to let Sparkey’s Strummers to entertain you.  Sparkey’s Strummers is a string acoustic group with the occasional brass sousaphone that meets in the Charleston Room of The Savannah Center every Thursday morning from 9-11AM.  The group loves to have an audience to play to and it also welcomes all acoustic string players who have some playing experience.
The group plays standards from the 1900s-1950s.  The Group has a vast library of songs put together by its founder, Harold “Sparkey” Lawton.
For more information call Al Peron at 352-750-2157 or James Boerman at 352-750-2677
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